Appalachian Cultural Center

The Appalachian Cultural Center serves both Carson-Newman University and the broader community by working to foster and celebrate Appalachian culture. The mission is accomplished through the presentation of exhibits and programs for students and the larger community that are related to promoting the history and culture of the region; the preservation and appreciation of traditional and contemporary Appalachian arts, literature, and music; the promotion of academic research; and the development of environmental and community stewardship.

At the Appalachian Cultural Center, we have a vision. We dream of establishing a place on our campus for writers, artists, and scholars of Appalachia – a dedicated space for these individuals dedicated to preserving our Appalachian heritage in support of their work. What we ask in return is they share that work with our University and community through readings, shows, and teaching opportunities. Bringing Appalachia closer to us, so we can bring it to life.


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Wesley McMasters

Assistant Professor of English, Director of the Appalachian Cultural Center

308 Henderson Humanities Building