Title IX

Title IX Policy

Carson-Newman University maintains the following policy on sex discrimination and sexual harassment in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Title IX regulations in 34 CFR Part 106. The University provides notice of this policy to applicants for admission and employment, students, 并在法律要求的范围内雇佣员工.

Revised August 2023


Title IX Coordinator
Randi Morrison
Office: Ted Russell Hall 167
Phone: (865) 471-4186


1.1 Statement of Purpose

全球最大的博彩平台寻求在一切努力中荣耀耶稣基督. The university’s confessional statement and Christian values acknowledge that every person “possesses full dignity and is worthy of respect and Christian love.” (Baptist Faith & Message 2000 (“BF&M”) § III). 圣经教导说,在基督教团体中不应该有不道德的性行为或淫秽. (以弗所书5:1-5,基督教标准版). 因为男人和女人都是按照上帝的形象创造的, it is essential to the university’s mission to help students reach their full potential as educated citizens and worldwide-servant leaders that Carson-Newman’s policies addressing sex discrimination and sexual misconduct affirm the inherent value and potential of each individual, whether male or female. (Genesis 1:26-28; BF&M § XVIII).

认识到每个人的珍贵, Carson-Newman expects that members of its community strive to follow Romans 12:10: “彼此深爱如兄弟姐妹. 带头尊重彼此.这样做需要以尊重和自我控制为特征的行为, 维护他人的权利和性纯洁.

Carson-Newman University has established this Title IX Policy (“Policy”) on sex discrimination and Sexual Harassment in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and its implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. 第106条(合称“第九条”). The university provides notice of this Policy to applicants for admission and employment, students, employees, 以及法律要求的第三方供应商.

1.2 Construction

1.2.1 Headings Not Limiting. Headings and subheadings in this Policy are provided only to make finding information easier. They shall not be used to limit the scope of any substantive provisions of the Policy.

1.2.2 Grammar. Any gendered pronouns shall be read to include individuals of either sex who are in similar roles or circumstances. 头衔的复数和单数用法, nouns, 代词的读法应包括可选词, 如适用(例如:employee/employees), activity/activities).

1.2.3 Defined Terms. Key roles and terms, which are capitalized throughout, are explained in Section 2.4: Definitions.

1.2.4 Revision. This Policy and its grievance procedure are to be reviewed for revision each June and promptly upon the release of federal or Tennessee-specific Title IX regulations.

1.3 Scope and Applicability


This Policy affects students, employees, and third parties (visitors and vendors) in the United States when Title IX Sex Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment, 在卡森-纽曼教育项目或活动中被指控. This Policy governs the application of the university’s included Title IX Sexual Harassment grievance procedure, 区别于刑法的适用, Title VII, student Code of Conduct,  员工政策,以及相应的纪律处分程序.

1.3.2  Jurisdiction of Authority

This Policy is under the approval jurisdiction of the Executive Leadership Team and enforced by the Title IX Coordinator.

1.3.3 Effective Date

本保单生效日期为2023年8月1日. This policy applies to all Title IX sex discrimination and Sexual Harassment reported to have occurred on or after August 1, 2023.

1.3.4  Other University Policies


  • 有关不当性行为、性骚扰及性虐待的政策;
  • Abuse of Process Policy;
  • Eagle Student Handbook, 特别是行为准则, Sexual Misconduct Policy, 以及题为“歧视和骚扰”的章节;
  • Employee Handbook, specifically the Non-Discrimination Policy and sections under the following headings: Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment, 纪律处分程序, 冲突解决程序, Whistleblower Policy, and Campus Security & University Security Act; and
  • Faculty Handbook, Sections 2.1.2, 2.9.4 and 2.9.5.

(A) Preemption

In the event of a conflict with another university policy concerning Sexual Harassment within the Title IX jurisdiction, 如本节所述, 本政策及其申诉程序应受控制.

(B) 第九条适用范围以外的行为

For incidents outside the Title IX jurisdiction or substantive scope of this Title IX Policy, refer to Section 2.1.5. 这所大学有一项关于不当性行为的政策, Sexual Harassment, 以及适用于学生和员工在大学活动内外的性侵犯行为.


2.1.1 Non-Discrimination



Questions or inquiries about the application of Title IX may be addressed to the university’s Title IX Coordinator, 担任教育部助理部长, or both.

2.1.2 Religious Exemption

本政策在任何时候都应在大学宗教教义的背景下解释, 这些在浸信会信仰中得到了总结 & 2000年的信息,并在大学手册中被引用. 根据美国宪法和其他适用法律,本政策没有放弃大学的宗教自由权利. 在某种程度上,根据第九条发布的规定与大学的宗教信条不一致, 卡森-纽曼免税(34 C).F.R. § 106.12(a)).

2.1.3 Title IX Jurisdiction

Title IX jurisdictional requirements are met when all the following are applicable:

(A) Complainant. 在提交正式投诉时, the Complainant must be participating or attempting to participate in the university’s 教育项目或活动.

(B) Respondent. 在发生所谓的被禁止行为时, Respondent was a student, employee, 或全球最大的博彩平台的官方代理.

(C) Location and Context. 被指控的行为必须发生在美国和全球最大的博彩平台的教育项目或活动中.


本政策的申诉程序适用于被指控的行为, if proven, 会构成性骚扰(交换条件, Hostile Environment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, or Stalking). 根据本政策,任何与无行为能力的人的故意性接触都被视为性侵犯.

2.1.5 .非第九条骚扰和歧视

Reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and/or retaliation that do not fall within the definitions or jurisdiction of this Policy will be remedied under the university’s other policies prohibiting such behavior. 大学的第九条协调员可以协助确定本第九条政策是否适用于任何特定情况. 当本政策不适用时, 投诉将提交给人力资源部(针对员工)或学生教务处(针对学生). For non-Title IX complaints, 大学遵循员工手册和鹰学生手册中公布的申诉程序, as applicable to the status of the person/entity alleged to be in violation of a relevant policy.

2.2 Prohibited Conduct


2.2.1 Title IX Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is defined as 属于下列一个或多个类别的行为:


大学职员:为大学援助的提供提供条件的大学职员, benefit, 或为个人参与不受欢迎的性行为提供服务;

(B) Hostile Environment:

Unwelcome conduct on the basis of sex that is determined by a reasonable person to be so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to the university’s 教育项目或活动; or

(C) Sexual Offenses:

Sexual Assault (20 U.S.C. 1092(f)(6)(A)(v));

约会暴力(根据美国34年的定义).S.C. 12291(a)(11));

家庭暴力(美国法律第34条.S.C. 12291(a)(12));

或跟踪(根据美国法律34条的定义).S.C. 12291(a)(36)).

2.2.2 明确禁止报复

大学禁止对违反第九条和本政策的报告进行报复. Neither the university nor any other person may engage in Retaliation against an individual because the individual has made a report or Formal Complaint or has testified, assisted, participated, 或者拒绝以任何方式参与调查, proceeding, 或根据第九条性骚扰申诉程序进行听证, 包括非正式决议流程.

Any person who believes that he or she has experienced Retaliation which is prohibited under this Policy may file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator.


2.3.1 Emergency Report

If you witness or experience any emergency involving Sexual Assault or any other crime of violence, 或者你有紧急的安全问题, first call 911, 然后拨打公共安全部门的24小时电话 (865) 548-9067, or you may report to the Department of Public Safety through the Carson-Newman LiveSafe mobile phone app.

2.3.2 .向第九条协调员报告

The university has designated the following employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with its policies to prevent Sexual Harassment and discrimination based on sex:


Ted Russell Hall – 744 W. Ken Sparks Way – Rm. 156

Mail: 1646 Russell Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760

(865) 471-4186

任何人都可以举报与性别歧视有关的不满, including Sexual Harassment, whether or not the person reporting is the person who may be the victim of conduct being reported. 可向第九条协调员提交报告 in person 正常营业时间内 或随时通过信件、电话或电子邮件.

2.3.3 Anonymous Reports

举报可以匿名进行, 但一份不包括潜在投诉人和/或被投诉人姓名的报告,在很大程度上限制了大学的回应能力. 鼓励详细报告, 大学将在进行任何投诉过程中尽可能地保持信息的机密性.

2.3.4 Who Should Report

以便及时制止不正当的性行为, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects, 学校鼓励学生和员工及时向第九条协调员报告性骚扰事件和指控.

2.3.5 Mandated Reports

有权采取纠正措施的官员, 在实际知识的定义中确定了谁, must report alleged Title IX Sexual Harassment to the Title IX Coordinator within forty-eight (48) hours of witnessing or becoming aware of the conduct.

There is no duty for an employee to report sexual trauma disclosed only during a public awareness event or only in an academic assignment. 向咨询服务人员报告, Health Services staff, and Campus Ministries staff acting in their respective professional roles are confidential and not subject to a reporting expectation except in cases of imminent danger.

当指称受害人是未成年人(十八(18)岁以下), Tennessee law (TCA § 37-1-403) requires anyone with knowledge of sexual abuse (see TCA § 13-39-509) to report it law enforcement or the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. 第九条协调员将协助报告工作.

2.3.6 Confidentiality

Except as necessary to carry out the grievance procedure and as permitted by law, the university will keep confidential the identity of any individual who has made a report or complaint of sex discrimination, any individual who has made a report or filed a Formal Complaint of Sexual Harassment, any Complainant, any individual who has been reported to be the perpetrator of sex discrimination, any Respondent, and any witness.

2.4 Definitions

2.4.1 Procedural Roles

(1) Complainant 指指称受到可能构成性别歧视的行为的个人, including Sexual Harassment, under this Policy.

(2) Decision-maker 指由大学指定的人或小组,进行第九条听证会,并对正式投诉中的指控作出决定. 没有决策者将担任第九条协调员或调查员.

(3) Facilitator means a person or organization serving to facilitate an Informal Resolution of a Formal Complaint through mediation, arbitration, restorative justice, or a similar process.

(4) Investigator 指由大学指定调查正式投诉的人员. If more than one person is designated, this term refers to all of the Investigators.

(5) Party 指投诉人或被投诉人. Parties refers to all Complainants and all Respondents with respect to a report or Formal Complaint of sex discrimination under Title IX or Prohibited Conduct under this Policy, 或就多项已合并的正式投诉作出回应.

(6) Respondent 指涉嫌从事可能构成违反本政策行为的个人.

2.4.2 Important Terms

(1) Actual Knowledge means notice of Sexual Harassment or allegations of Sexual Harassment when received by the university’s Title IX Coordinator or an official with authority to institute corrective measures on behalf of the university. 当向这些官员中的一个或多个报告时,该大学被认为具有实际知识, 必须向第九条协调员报告对性骚扰的了解;

  • University President
  • 教务长/执行副校长
  • 负责学生服务的副主席
  • 学生服务助理副校长/教务长
  • 公共安全部门的主管
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Residence Life

(2) Consent 指知情、知情和自愿的许可. 同意是主动的,不是被动的. 沉默,就其本身而言,不能被解释为同意. 同意可以通过言语或行动来表达, as long as those words or actions create mutually understandable permission regarding the conditions of sexual activity. Consent to one form of sexual activity cannot imply consent to other forms of sexual activity.  以前的关系或同意不意味着同意未来的性行为. Consent cannot be procured by use of physical force, compelling threats, or intimidating behavior. In order to give effective consent, one must be of legal age and not otherwise Incapacitated.

A Respondent’s voluntary consumption of alcohol or other substances is not a defense to instances in which lack of consent is alleged.


(3) Dating Violence 指与所称受害人有或曾经有浪漫或亲密社会关系的人实施的暴力, where the existence of such a relationship is determined based on consideration of (a) the length of the relationship, (b) the type of relationship, and (c) the frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship.

(4) Domestic Violence means felony or misdemeanor crimes of violence committed by a current or former spouse or intimate partner of the victim, 与受害者有共同孩子的人, 作为配偶或亲密伴侣与受害人同居或曾与受害人同居的人, by a person similarly situated to a spouse of the victim under the domestic or family violence laws of the State of Tennessee, or by any other person against an adult or youth victim who is protected from that person’s acts under the domestic or family violence laws of the state of Tennessee (TN Code § 39-13-111).

(5) 教育项目或活动 是指全球最大的博彩平台的任何官方运作, 包括任何地点(如建筑物), event, or circumstance in which the university or an officially chartered student organization exercises (or exercised at the relevant time) substantial control over both the Respondent and the context.

(6) Employees means Carson-Newman Faculty, Staff, Residence Assistants, 以及所有在卡森-纽曼田径俱乐部担任教练的个人, regardless of compensation and including Graduate Assistants assigned coaching duties.

(7) Formal Complaint means a document which:


(b) concerns a Complainant who is participating in or attempting to participate in the university’s 教育项目或活动,



具体到正式投诉的定义,“文件” means a physical paper or electronic submission (such as an email) that contains a Complainant’s physical or digital signature, 或以其他方式表明投诉人是提交投诉的个人.

(8) Hearing means a live hearing, 要么亲自去,要么使用实时技术, before a Decision-maker for the purpose of presenting evidence regarding the allegations in a Formal Complaint and allowing for questioning and cross-examination of Parties and witnesses by Parties’ Advisors in order for the Decision-maker to determine whether a Respondent is responsible for violating Carson-Newman’s Title IX Policy.

(9) 丧失行为能力(或丧失行为能力) 指暂时或永久无法给予同意. 可能导致丧失行为能力, by way of example: mental, developmental, and/or physical disability; involuntary physical restraint; sleep; unconsciousness; being unaware that sexual activity is occurring; or lacking the ability to make informed, 理性的决定(不能)

understand the “who, what, when, where, why, 或如何(性互动),以便给予同意. The responsibility for establishing Consent falls on the initiator of a sexual act, even if  在指称的侵权行为发生时,肇事者正处于酒精或其他药物的影响下. 醉酒不能作为本政策项下投诉的抗辩理由. Evaluating Incapacitation requires an assessment of whether a Respondent knew or should have known of the Complainant’s Incapacitation based on objectively and reasonably apparent indications of impairment when viewed from the perspective of a sober, 站在被告立场的理性人.

(10) Informal Resolution is a voluntary method for remedying a Formal Complaint without a complete investigation or Hearing. It may include individual meetings with counselors or the Title IX Coordinator, mediation, or restorative justice.

(11) Investigative Report 指调查员编写的书面报告,该报告公正地总结了在正式投诉调查期间获得的所有相关证据.

(12) Prohibited Conduct 指本政策项下的性骚扰或报复.

(13) Sexual Assault means an offense classified as a sex offense (forcible or nonforcible) under the uniform crime reporting system of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (, 包括任何未经双方同意的生殖器或肛门插入行为, however slight, with any body part or object; non-consensual touching of the private body parts of another person for the purpose of sexual gratification; statutory rape (TN Code §13-19-506); or incest (TN Code § 39-15-302).

(14) Sexual Harassment is defined in Section 2.2.1:第九条性骚扰.

(15) Retaliation 指任何意在恐吓的行为, threaten, coerce, harass, or discriminate against any individual for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by Title IX, 34 C.F.R. §106,本政策或其申诉程序. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, the bringing of disciplinary charges against an individual for Code of Conduct violations that do not involve sex discrimination or Sexual Harassment but arise out of the same facts or circumstances as a report or complaint of sex discrimination, 或性骚扰报告或正式投诉, for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by Title IX, 34 C.F.R. §106,本政策或其申诉程序.

(16) Stalking means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to (a) fear for his or her safety or the safety of others; or (b) suffer Substantial Emotional Distress.

As used above, “行为过程”是指两个或两个以上的行为, 包括但不限于, 一个人(直接)的行为, indirectly, 或者通过第三方)跟进, monitors, observes, surveils, threatens, 或与另一个人交流或关于另一个人, 或者干涉他人的财产. “Substantial emotional distress” means significant mental suffering or anguish that may, but does not necessarily, 需要医疗或其他专业治疗或咨询.

(17) Supportive Measures means non-disciplinary, non-punitive individualized services offered to a Party or potential Party in response to a report of Prohibited Conduct.

2.2.2 明确禁止报复

大学禁止对违反第九条和本政策的报告进行报复. Neither the university nor any other person may engage in Retaliation against an individual because the individual has made a report or Formal Complaint or has testified, assisted, participated, 或者拒绝以任何方式参与调查, proceeding, 或根据第九条性骚扰申诉程序进行听证, 包括非正式决议流程.

Any person who believes that he or she has experienced Retaliation which is prohibited under this Policy may file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator.

This 申诉程序适用于第九条性骚扰的指控 and does not restrict the university’s ability to investigate and pursue discipline based on alleged violations of other federal, state, or local laws, 他们的实施条例, or other university policies. The university may enforce any and all of these through additional procedures described in Carson-Newman’s Code of Conduct and/or employee and faculty handbooks.

3.1 Prompt Response to Report


If the university has Actual Knowledge of Sexual Harassment in its 教育项目或活动, the Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating a response that is prompt and reasonable in light of the known circumstances and includes at least the following:

(1)  公平对待投诉人和被投诉人;

(2) Promptly contacting the Complainant to discuss the availability of Supportive Measures;



(5) Explaining to the Complainant the procedure for filing a Formal Complaint; and

(6) Following this Policy’s grievance procedure before the imposition of any disciplinary sanctions or other actions that are not Supportive Measures against a Respondent.

3.1.2 Rights and Options

The university will provide students or employees who report being victims of Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, 或跟踪,并书面解释他们的权利以及报告和寻求额外帮助的选择, 不管是否发生在校园内. The explanation will include written notification of mental health/counseling services, 医疗服务受害人维权, and other services available for victims (within the university and in the community) and notice of availability of changes to academic, living, and/or working situations, 及其他支援措施, 无论学生或员工是否提交正式投诉.


大学将提供派对, 或可能成为当事人的人, 适当及合理的支援措施, without fee or charge, 在提交正式投诉之前或之后, 包括没有正式投诉的情况. Supportive Measures are designed to restore or preserve equal access to the university’s 教育项目或活动 without unreasonably burdening the other Party, 包括旨在保护各方安全或大学教育环境的措施, 或防止性骚扰.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Supportive Measures the university may make available:

  • 修改课程表或其他与课程相关的调整
  • 学术支持服务,如免费辅导
  • 调整校园住房分配
  • 调整校园工作安排或作业
  • Mutual no-contact orders (prohibiting contact with another Party in person or by phone, email, text message, social network, or other means, including a third person)
  • Counseling Services
  • Health Services
  • 加强校园某些区域的安保和监控


支援措施的保密性. The university will maintain as confidential any Supportive Measures provided to the Complainant or Respondent to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the university’s ability to provide the Supportive Measures.


The university may place a non-student employee Respondent on administrative leave during the pendency of the grievance procedure. 在下列情况下,大学可以在紧急情况下将任何答辩人从其教育计划或活动中除名:

  1. 该大学进行了个性化的安全和风险分析.
  2. As a result of the analysis, the university determines that an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of any student or other individual arising from the allegations of Sexual Harassment justifies removal of the Respondent.
  3. The university provides the Respondent with notice and an opportunity to challenge the decision immediately following the removal.

This provision for administrative leave or emergency removal does not modify any of the Respondent’s rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The University may place a non-student employee Respondent on administrative leave during the pendency of the grievance procedure. The University may remove any Respondent from the University’s 教育项目或活动 on an emergency basis if:

(2)作为分析的结果, the University determines that an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of any student or other individual arising from the allegations of Sexual Harassment justifies removal of the Respondent.
(3) The University provides the Respondent with notice and an opportunity to challenge the decision immediately following the removal.

This provision for administrative leave or emergency removal does not modify any of the Respondent’s rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3.2  正式投诉的初步处理

3.2.1 Filing a Formal Complaint


The Formal Complaint requires an investigation into the alleged Sexual Harassment and a resolution through Hearing with a finding of responsibility or non-responsibility or through an agreed Informal Resolution Process, when available.

The Title IX Coordinator will only file a Formal Complaint against the wishes of a Complainant when the Coordinator believes the alleged conduct is likely to be repeated and creates a substantial risk to others in the Carson-Newman community. The Complainant may be asked to provide evidence but may not be compelled to participate in the grievance procedure.

3.2.2 General Provisions

Carson-Newman will:

  1. Treat Complainants and Respondents equitably by providing remedies to a Complainant where a determination of responsibility for Sexual Harassment has been made against a Respondent.
  2. Presume that a Respondent is not responsible for the alleged conduct until a determination regarding responsibility is made at the conclusion of the grievance procedure.
  3. 在对被申请人施加任何非支持性措施的纪律制裁之前,请遵循此申诉程序, with the exception of emergency removal or administrative leave as described in Section 3.1.4:紧急撤离大学.
  4. Provide any Party whose participation is invited or expected written notice of the date, time, location, participants, and purpose of all hearings, investigative interviews, or other meetings, 有足够的时间让缔约方准备参加.
  5. 要求所有担任第九条协调员的人员, Investigator, Decision-maker, Appeal Decision-maker, or Facilitator not to have a conflict of interest or bias for or against Complainants or Respondents generally or an individual Complainant or Respondent.
  6. 确保第九条协调员, Investigators, Decision-makers, 辅导员接受适当的培训.
  7. 在对所有正式投诉作出决定时,应用证据优势标准.
  8. 在确定违反本政策的责任后, the university will design remedies to restore or preserve equal access to the university’s 教育项目或活动. Remedies may include the same individualized services described as Supportive Measures; however, remedies need not be non-disciplinary or non-punitive and need not avoid burdening a Respondent who has been found responsible for violating this Policy.

3.2.3 Notice of Allegations

收到正式投诉后, the university will provide all known Parties written notice that includes at least the following:

a)大学的第九条性骚扰申诉程序, 包括任何非正式解决方案.

b)所有可能构成性骚扰的指控, including sufficient details known at the time and with sufficient time to prepare a response before any initial interview. Sufficient details include the identities of the parties involved in the incident, if known; the conduct allegedly constituting Sexual Harassment; and the date and location of the alleged incident, if known.

c)A statement that the Respondent is presumed not responsible for the alleged conduct and that a determination regarding responsibility is made at the conclusion of the grievance procedure.

d)双方可自行选择一名顾问的声明, who may be, but is not required to be, an attorney.


f)A statement that the university’s Code of Conduct prohibits knowingly making false statements or knowingly submitting false information during the grievance procedure under the university’s Abuse of Process Policy.

If, 在调查过程中, the university decides to investigate allegations about the Complainant or Respondent that are not included in the initial notice, 大学将向身份已知的各方提供有关其他指控的通知.

3.2.4 .驳回正式投诉

Mandatory Dismissal. The university must dismiss a Formal Complaint as a complaint of Sexual Harassment under Title IX and this Policy and grievance procedure if the conduct alleged in the Formal Complaint:




The university may separately pursue allegations of conduct which would violate other provisions of the university’s Code of Conduct.

Discretionary Dismissal. The university may dismiss all or part of a Formal Complaint if at any time during the investigation or Hearing:



c)specific circumstances prevent the university from gathering evidence sufficient to reach a determination as to the Formal Complaint or allegations in it.

如果全部或部分正式投诉被驳回, the university must promptly and simultaneously send written notice of the dismissal and reason(s) for it to the Parties and advise the Parties of their right to appeal the dismissal.





c)一方针对另一方的, where the allegations of Sexual Harassment arise out of the same facts or circumstances.

Where a grievance procedure involves more than one Complainant or more than one Respondent, 对“派对”的单数引用,” “Complainant,或“答辩人”包括复数形式, as applicable.

3.3 Advisors


A Party may choose and designate an Advisor, who may be an attorney but is not required to be. 在任何会议或申诉程序中,学校不会限制投诉人或被投诉人的顾问的选择或出席.

每一方在听证会期间都必须有一名顾问,但鼓励在收到正式投诉通知后尽快指定一名顾问. A Party may find that having an Advisor is helpful throughout the grievance procedure. The university will appoint an Advisor for any Party who does not have one present for the Hearing. 大学指定的顾问免费为政党服务.  However, Advisors appointed by the university serve for the limited purpose of conducting cross-examination at the Hearing. A university-appointed Advisor is not required to be an attorney or to have a level of competency comparable to that of another Party’s designated advisor. An Advisor is not required to perform any function beyond relaying a Party’s desired questions to the other Party and witnesses.

Because the university is required to provide certain information to a Party’s Advisor, each Party must notify the Title IX Coordinator in writing when the Party designates an Advisor or changes to a different Advisor. 该方必须包括顾问的联系信息.

3.3.2 Rules for Advisors

Except during a Hearing, 顾问的角色仅限于提供支持, guidance, and/or advice to the Complainant or Respondent throughout the grievance procedure. The following rules apply to all Advisors, including those appointed by the university:

a)顾问不得回答直接向任何一方或证人提出的问题, 不得以其他方式干扰调查员的询问.

b)An advisor may request reasonable opportunities to confer with the Party being advised.

c)During meetings, Parties and their respective Advisors may talk quietly with each other.


e)Advisors may not present opening statements, closing statements, or arguments.

f)Advisors must act in a respectful manner at all times; bullying, yelling, 虐待行为是不允许的.

g)Parties and Advisors must not disturb the Hearing or any other proceeding by loudly conferring with one another.

h)Advisors must comply with the decisions and directions of the Decision-maker


If a Party’s Advisor (whether designated by the Party or appointed by the university) refuses to comply with these rules, 包括有关礼仪的规则, 大学可以要求当事人指定另一名顾问或, 如果没有指定其他顾问, 接受学校委派的顾问代表党进行质证. 大学可以将具有破坏性或不遵守上述顾问参与限制的顾问从任何程序中除名.

3.4 Informal Resolution

At any time after a Formal Complaint has been filed but before reaching a determination regarding responsibility, the university may facilitate an Informal Resolution process that does not involve a full investigation and adjudication. 在非正式决议进行之前, 大学必须书面通知双方,披露:

  • the allegations;
  • 非正式决议流程的要求, including the circumstances under which it precludes the Parties from resuming a Formal Complaint arising from the same allegations;
  • 在同意一项决议之前的任何时间, either Party has the right to withdraw from the Informal Resolution process and resume the grievance procedure with respect to the Formal Complaint; and
  • any consequences resulting from participating in the Informal Resolution process, 包括将被保留或可被共享的记录.

大学必须取得当事人的自愿, 进行非正式解决程序的书面同意. The formal procedure for resolving a Formal Complaint will normally be suspended during the Informal Resolution process. If the informal process produces a resolution that is agreed upon by the Parties in writing, 申诉程序终止, 并且不再进行进一步的调查或听证. 非正式决议不取消大学执行制裁的能力,但允许当事各方在讨论后自愿接受制裁.

The university:

  1. may not offer an Informal Resolution process unless a Formal Complaint has been filed;
  2. may not offer or facilitate Informal Resolution to resolve allegations that a university employee engaged in Sexual Harassment against a student (Student Complainant/Employee Respondent Sexual Harassment);
  3. may not require the Parties to participate in an Informal Resolution process; and
  4. may not require any person to waive the right to an investigation and adjudication of a Formal Complaint as a condition of enrollment or continuing enrollment, 受雇或继续受雇的, 或行使任何其他权利.

3.5 .调查正式投诉


学校将指定一名或多名调查人员调查正式投诉中的指控. 收集足够证据以确定责任的责任由大学承担,而不是由当事人承担. 大学不要求, allow, rely upon, 或者使用问题或证据构成, or seek disclosure of, information protected under a legally recognized privilege unless the person holding such privilege has waived it. 如果调查员对可信度做出任何决定, 这些决定不得基于一个人作为投诉人的身份, Respondent, or witness.

学校可以限制与会者参加任何与申诉程序有关的会议或程序, 包括由调查员进行的会议或访谈. However, both the Complainant and the Respondent will have the same opportunities to have others present during any grievance proceeding.


在调查过程中, 所有当事方都有平等的机会传唤证人, 包括经决策者批准的事实证人和鉴定人, 以及其他有罪和无罪的证据. The university does not restrict the ability of either Party to discuss the allegations under investigation in order to gather and present relevant evidence. However, the ability to discuss the allegations freely does not give a Party permission to make false or harassing statements – on social media, for example – without consequences for violating the university’s Code of Conduct, expectations for employees, or relevant laws.

在完成调查报告之前, 调查员将发送给双方及其顾问, if any, all of the evidence obtained as part of the investigation that is directly related to the allegations raised in the Formal Complaint, including evidence upon which the university does not intend to rely in reaching a determination regarding responsibility and inculpatory or exculpatory evidence, 无论是从一方获得还是从其他来源获得. The evidence may be presented to the Parties in the form of a draft Investigative Report. *

The evidence will be subject to inspection and review by both Parties and may be provided in an electronic format, a hard copy, or a mixture of both.  Each Party will have at least ten (10) days to submit a written response to the evidence. 本书面答复应是该方确定并出示证人及其他有罪或无罪证据的最后机会.

If the Investigator finds that either Party has provided new evidence (including witnesses) directly related to the allegations, 调查员将向双方提供新证据,并允许每一方额外十(10)天时间对新证据作出回应. The Investigator will consider the Parties’ written responses to the evidence before completing the Investigative Report.


In gathering evidence, 除非与党的自愿, written consent, 大学不能进入, consider, disclose, or otherwise use a Party’s records that are made or maintained (a) by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or paraprofessional acting in the professional’s or paraprofessional’s capacity or assisting in that capacity and (b) made or maintained in connection with the provision of treatment to the Party.

3.5.4 The Investigative Report

一方当事人对证据作出书面答复的时间已过, 调查员将创建期末考试  Investigative Report that fairly summarizes all of the relevant evidence gathered in the course of the investigation, including a description of the procedural steps taken from the receipt of the Formal Complaint through the investigation. 这应包括向双方发出的任何通知, 与当事人和证人的面谈, site visits, 并描述了收集其他证据的方法.

至少在听证会前十(10)天, the Investigator will send each Party and each Party’s Advisor a copy of the Investigative Report in an electronic format or a hard copy.  A Party or a Party’s Advisor may make a written response to the Investigative Report by providing a copy of the response to the Investigator and the Title IX Coordinator by noon on the third business day before the day of the Hearing (for example, 星期一进行星期四聆讯或星期四进行星期二聆讯). The Title IX Coordinator will provide a Party’s written response, if any, to the other Party. 调查报告的副本和双方的所有书面答复将在听证会前提供给决策者.

3.6 Pre-Hearing Procedure


A live hearing must be held with respect to a Formal Complaint of Title IX Sexual Harassment unless the Formal Complaint has been dismissed or the Parties choose to resolve the case through an Informal Resolution process without a completed investigation or adjudication.


3.6.2 Preparation for a Hearing

大学可以指定一名听证经理, 谁可能是第九条协调员, 安排听证会的后勤工作. 管理人可以邀请各方, separately, and their Advisors to meetings to review the procedural details of the Hearing.

至少在听证会前五(5)天, 大学将以书面形式通知各党派和顾问的日期, time, location, 及出席聆讯的人士, including the name of each witness whom the University will request to appear at the Hearing (in person or virtually) for the purpose of providing evidence. The Hearing may be conducted with all participants physically present in the same location or, 由大学自行决定, any or all Parties, witnesses, 其他参与者可能会虚拟出现, with technology enabling participants simultaneously to see and hear each other.

Requesting Separate Rooms. 应任何一方的要求, the university will provide for the Hearing to occur with the Parties located in separate rooms using technology enabling the Decision-maker and Parties to simultaneously see and hear the Party or the witness answering questions. 以便有充足的时间作出适当的安排, 一方要求单独听证的请求必须至少在听证会前三(3)个工作日以书面形式向第九条协调员提出.

自愿在聆讯前提出问题. At the discretion of the Decision-maker and to help the Hearing run efficiently, the Title IX Coordinator or Hearing manager may suggest that Parties and their Advisors submit, in writing, 他们的顾问打算在现场听证会上提出的问题. Following this submission, 决策者可以要求召开听证前会议,听取关于调查报告中问题或证据相关性的辩论. Pre-Hearing submission of questions does not remove the option for Advisors to ask additional questions at the Hearing.

3.6.3 Attendance of Parties and Witnesses; Delay for Absent Witness

The university is prohibited by law from requiring any Party or witness to appear at the Hearing, 也不能参与任何恐吓行为, threaten, coerce, or discriminate against any individual because the individual has made a report or complaint, testified, assisted, 或以任何方式参与或拒绝参与调查, grievance proceeding, or Hearing.

For these reasons, the university is not responsible if a Party or witness fails to appear at the Hearing, 在当事人或证人缺席的情况下,听证会可以继续进行. 如果当事人或重要证人不能出席听证会,学校可以同意当事人的合理请求推迟听证会. A request for a delay should be made as soon as possible as described in Section 3.11.2:临时延迟或延期.

3.7 The Hearing


如果一方当事人没有顾问出席听证会, the university will provide the Party an Advisor of the university’s choice without fee or charge to that Party. 顾问不需要是律师. 除非学校有正当理由允许延期, 指定顾问未出席听证会的一方,学校应为其指定一名顾问.

每一方的顾问应负责代表被代表方进行交叉询问. See Section 3.3.1 .关于大学任命的顾问的有限作用.

3.7.2 Beginning the Hearing

决策者应当按照约定的时间召开听证会. 决策者将为各方审查听证程序. 为了尽可能地维护学生的隐私, witnesses will not be in the Hearing room or attending by technological means except when providing evidence or being cross-examined. Parties and witnesses will be reminded that providing false information in connection with the Hearing is a violation of the university’s Code of Conduct for students or expectations of employees.

提交最终调查报告. 调查人员将提交最终调查报告的摘要, 识别有争议的和没有争议的项目. 决策者和各方顾问可向调查人员提问。. 不应要求调查人员透露有关可信度的意见, recommended findings, or determinations. Decision-makers, Advisors, 缔约方将不讨论这些评估,也不向调查人员提出有关评估的问题. If such information is introduced, the Decision-maker will direct that it be disregarded.


每一方的顾问均有机会向另一方和任何证人询问所有相关问题和后续问题, 包括那些具有挑战性的可信性. 这种交叉询问必须直接进行, orally, 并由党的顾问实时汇报, 而且绝不是由党的个人来做的.

Relevance. Before a Complainant, Respondent, 或者证人回答盘问或其他问题, 决策者必须首先确定问题是否存在, if answered, 会倾向于使指控的事实材料或多或少可能是真实的,并解释任何排除问题的决定是不相关的. The Decision-maker may ask both Advisors to provide reasons why a question should or should not be considered relevant. The Decision-maker will instruct all Parties and witnesses not to answer any question until the Decision-maker has allowed the question.

关于投诉人性倾向或先前性行为的问题和证据不相关, unless:

a)Such questions and evidence about the Complainant’s prior sexual behavior are offered to prove that someone other than the Respondent committed the conduct alleged by the Complainant, or 

b)The questions and evidence concern specific incidents of the Complainant’s prior sexual behavior with respect to the Respondent and are offered to prove consent.

决策者不允许任何提问, 也没有引入任何证据, that would involve the disclosure of information protected under a legally recognized privilege, 除非拥有特权的人已经放弃了.

Cross-Examination. 质证程序如下:

  • An Advisor asks a question.
  • The Decision-maker determines whether the question is relevant and indicates either:
    “Relevant” or “Not relevant.”
  • 如果决策者认为这个问题是相关的, 被检查的人可以选择回答.
  • 如果决策者认为这个问题不相关, 决策者提供决定的基本原理.

Because the university’s grievance procedure is not a civil proceeding or state action, 没有权利反对自证其罪. However, the Decision-maker may not draw an inference regarding responsibility based solely on a Party’s or witness’s absence from the Hearing or refusal to answer cross-examination or other questions.

3.7.4 Availability of Evidence

The university will make all evidence that was subject to inspection and review by the Parties in connection with the preparation of the Investigative Report available at the Hearing, digitally or otherwise, to give each Party equal opportunity to refer to such evidence during the Hearing, 包括为了交叉询问. Parties must notify the Title IX Coordinator at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Hearing regarding any physical evidence, transcripts, recordings, 或其他要求在听证会上实物提供的物品.

3.7.5 Conducting the Hearing

聆讯将大致按下列规定进行. The Decision-maker may recess the Hearing for appropriate and reasonable rest and meal breaks. 任何听证会参与者都可以要求休息.

  1. A university representative, 谁可能是听证会经理, 将担任听证会的主持人. The function of the moderator is to move the proceeding forward in an unbiased manner and to give the Parties and witnesses an opportunity to have their evidence presented before the Decision-maker.
  2. The investigator(s) will summarize the final Investigative Report as described in Section 3.7.2 above.
  3. Each Party, 由投诉人开始, 会有机会向决策者作开场陈述吗. 决策者可以设定合理的陈述期限, 但双方的限额相同. 顾问或其他人不得代表双方作开幕词.
  4. 决策者将询问投诉人.
  5. The Respondent’s Advisor will question the Complainant as described in Section 3.7.3 Cross-Examination 上述,决策者可以进一步询问投诉人.
  6. 决策者将询问被告.
  7. The Complainant’s Advisor will question the Respondent Complainant as described in Section 3.7.3 above, under Order,决策者可以进一步询问被申请人.
  8. 每个证人都将被传唤到决策者面前, 无论是亲自或通过适当的技术. The Parties’ Advisors, 从投诉人顾问开始, will question each witness. 双方当事人不得相互询问或询问任何证人.
  9. The Decision-maker may question any witness while that witness is being examined and may further question the Investigator(s) with regard to the Investigative Report. If an Investigator or other university representative is called to address evidence from the Investigative Report, each Party’s Advisor, 从投诉人顾问开始, 是否有机会向调查员或其代表提问.
  10. Each Party, 由投诉人开始, will have the opportunity to make a brief closing statement to the Decision-maker. 决策者可以设定合理的陈述期限, 但双方的限额相同. 顾问或其他人不得代表双方作结案陈词.
  11. After confirming that there is no additional evidence or other matters to be addressed, 决策者将暂停聆讯.

3.7.6 Record of the Hearing

学校将制作音频或视听记录, or transcript, 并将其提供给当事各方和决策者以供查阅和审查.

3.8 .对指控的裁定

The Decision-maker shall exercise independent and unbiased judgment with respect to:

  • 支持该决定的事实调查结果;
  • 关于大学第九条性骚扰政策对事实适用的结论;
  • the determination regarding responsibility as to each allegation; and
  • 决策者得出结论的基本原理.

The Decision-maker may consult with university officials for information about sanctions and remedies typically used. 向决策者提供信息,确保公正一致地实施制裁, the Title IX Coordinator will seek input from an Associate Provost and/or the Director of Human Resources for employee Respondents and from the Dean of Students  for student Respondents.


The Decision-maker shall determine whether the Respondent is responsible for each of the allegations in the Formal Complaint that could constitute Prohibited Conduct under this Policy. The Decision-maker shall reach these decisions by applying the Preponderance of the Evidence standard of evidence. A finding of responsibility under this standard means that the Decision-maker determines that it is more likely than not 被投诉人从事了本政策中规定的禁止行为. 在作出决定时,决策者:

a)must make an objective evaluation of all relevant evidence – including both inculpatory and exculpatory evidence;

b)must not make credibility determinations based on a person’s status as a Complainant, Respondent, or witness;

c)must not draw an inference about responsibility based solely on a Party’s or witness’s absence from the live hearing or refusal to answer cross-examination or other questions; and


决策者可以考虑当事人和证人在调查过程中的陈述, 以及其他相关证据, regardless of whether the Parties or witnesses submit to cross-examination at the Hearing. For example, the Decision-maker may consider written communication (texts, emails, etc.) between the Parties from times leading up to the alleged Sexual Harassment and statements about the alleged Sexual Harassment which the Decision-maker determines to be relevant under this Policy. Additionally, 决策者可以考虑相关的警方报告, 性侵犯护士审查员(SANE)的文件, 已放弃保密特权的医疗报告, and other documents, 即使这些文件包含在听证会上未被盘问的一方当事人或证人的陈述.

3.8.2 Letter of Determination

The Decision-maker shall issue a written determination regarding the Respondent’s responsibility for the alleged misconduct. 书面裁决书必须包括:


b)a description of the procedural steps taken from the receipt of the formal complaint through the determination, 包括发给双方的任何通知, 与当事人和证人的面谈, site visits, 收集其他证据的方法, and hearings held;


d)conclusions regarding the application of this Carson-Newman Title IX Policy to the facts;

E)与每项指控相对应的决定和支持理由, 包括“负责”或“不负责”的决定;


remedies designed to restore or preserve equal access to the university’s 教育项目或活动 the university will provide to the Complainant; and

g) permissible reasons for Parties to appeal and the university’s appeal procedure.


大学将同时向双方提供有关责任的书面决定. If neither Party appeals, 在上诉不再被认为及时之日,该决定即为最终决定.

如一方对裁定提出上诉, 该决定自大学向双方提供上诉结果的书面决定之日起生效, 除非上诉决定需要进一步的程序.

3.9 Sanctions and Remedies

Carson-Newman may impose a range of disciplinary sanctions and remedies with respect to any misconduct for which a Respondent has been determined to be responsible. Possible sanctions and remedies include any combination of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 实施、继续实施或修改任何支持措施;
  • Warning:  A verbal or written reminder to the Respondent about relevant university rules, regulations, 或政策和违反政策的潜在后果;
  • 禁止联系令:禁止与投诉人联系的指示, 包括亲自或电话联系, email, text message, social media, or any other means, 直接或通过第三方;
  • 训诫:学校规定的书面通知, regulations, or policies have been violated and that continuation or repetition of misconduct may result in a more severe sanction;
  • 关于危害和后果的信件或论文;
  • Participation in educational programming for the prevention of sexual misconduct;
  • 罚款:对违纪行为的罚款;
  • Disciplinary Probation:  官方警告,一名学生违反了全球最大的博彩平台的规定, 未来的违规行为可能导致更严厉的制裁(可能包括停学或开除)。. The student will not be in “good disciplinary standing” with the university for a designated period of time and may face specific restrictions on behavior and/or privileges;
  • Restitution: Requirement to reimburse or otherwise compensate another for actual harm;
  • 临时或永久居留生活暂停:请注意,学生没有资格在指定的时间内住在宿舍. 学生的食宿费将不予退还. 被暂停居住的学生必须在学校规定的时间内搬出宿舍,并交出钥匙;
  • 在线教育代替实体上课;
  • 停学处分:在规定的时间内终止在卡森-纽曼学院的学生身份;
  • Disciplinary Expulsion: Permanent termination of student status at the university
  • 成绩单批注:在成绩单上注明纪律处分停学或开除;
  • 带薪或无薪休假;
  • 丧失监督或监督职责;
  • 就业角色或工作地点的变化;
  • Reduction in Pay;
  • Termination of employment.


3.10 Appeals

3.10.1 Right of Appeal

Either Party may request an appeal from a determination regarding responsibility, 或大学对正式投诉的全部或任何部分予以驳回.  上诉不是自动进行的,也不是对案件的“重新审理”.  Rather, they are an opportunity to request a review of a case based on specified grounds for appeal. 上诉程序对双方平等适用.



b)New evidence that was not reasonably available at the time the determination regarding responsibility or dismissal was made, 这可能会影响这件事的结果

c)The Title IX Coordinator, Investigator(s), or Decision-maker(s) had a conflict of interest or bias for or against Complainants or Respondents generally or the individual Complainant or Respondent that affected the outcome of the matter.

3.10.2 Filing an Appeal

In order to appeal, a Party must file a written Notice of Appeal challenging the initial outcome that is received by the Title IX Coordinator within ten (10) days after the written Letter of Determination was issued.  上诉通知书至少须述明:

  • every basis for the appeal;
  • a complete statement of the facts and evidence that support each basis for the appeal; and
  • 上诉的结果是什么救济要求.

3.10.3 Consideration of an Appeal

大学将立即以书面形式通知双方已经提出上诉,并向另一方提供上诉通知的副本.  The non-appealing Party shall have ten (10) days from the date of such notice to submit to the Title IX Coordinator a written statement in support of the initial outcome or in opposition to the appeal.  任何该等书面声明的副本均应提供给上诉方.

The appeal shall be considered and decided by an Appeal Decision-maker who is not the same person as the Investigator, the Title IX Coordinator, or the Decision-maker that reached the determination regarding responsibility or dismissal.  上诉决定人应审查上诉通知书, 不上诉一方的答复, and may review the record of the Hearing as necessary to reach a conclusion on the appeal.

3.10.4 Decision on Appeal

The Appeal Decision-maker shall issue a written decision describing the result of the appeal and the rationale for the result.

The decision on appeal shall be appropriate to the basis or bases for appeal and may adopt one or more of the following holdings, 无论哪一方提出上诉:


b)更改书面裁决书的任何部分, 包括找到责任或者找不到责任的改变.


d) Require additional investigation (particularly in the case of new evidence that is material, not merely cumulative, and if presented in the Hearing could reasonably have resulted in a different determination).

e) Order a new Hearing.

The written decision on the appeal shall be provided simultaneously to both Parties.

3.12 Record Retention

学校将保存所有文件, images, audio or visual recordings, 和/或与报告相关的成绩单, Formal Complaint, investigation, Supportive Measures, Informal Resolution, 本政策项下实施的制裁和/或救济自决议之日起七(7)年内有效.